Brief History

A developer turned DevOps Engineer with a passion for automating everything

I started my professional journey with Siemens PLM India as an automation intern and since then, I have fallen in love with their corporate culture. After working for more than 8 years in software industry, following are some of the highlights of my career:

  • Experienced Team Leader
  • Thorough knowledge of Agile/TDD
  • In Deplth Understanding of Micro Services

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Previous experience

Who am I and What I do

Siemens Hackathon

Native Android application

Implemented a mobile SCM solution to track the code changes pushed by developers. There was a patent filed for this. Later implemented as an internal tool.

Siemens PLM

Productivity Enhancer

Implemented a web based Admin Portal to track productivity of interns for a bonus program. The highest scorer will get brownie points at the end of the month.

Siemens PLM

Build Engineer

Worked as a Build and Release Engineer with the NX team to build the codebase from scratch using Perl and XML.

Siemens Simulation Center

Java Developer

As an integral part of Teamcenter Simulation team, worked as a Java Developer for more than 3 years to understand the nuances of Core Java development. Thorough understanding of Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns. I also worked on RCP Plugin development during this time.

Siemens MindShpere - IIOT Product

DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps Engineer, I started with cultivating the DevOps culture when we moved from Monolith to Agile Implementation. Further automated the process end-to-end. Right from Building the code (CI) to deploying it to different enviornment (CD). Recently started creating Infrastructure with the help of code (IAC).

Siemens MindShpere - IIOT Product

Cloud DevOps Expert

With more than 3 years in DevOps, I have gained knowlege of Microsoft Azure and AWS, thoroughly understanding the CI and CD process. Comfortable at managing multiple Enviornment infrastructure with IAC (Terraform). Have a deep knowledge of End-to-End Monitoring of Cloud Native Paas Application.

Tricks of the trade

Tools I am comfortable using

Programming Language
Web Design
Ops tools
Cloud Platforms
Automation / CI-CD
Cloud Platform
Cloud Platform
Infrastructure as Code
Website Development
Educational Background

Details about School and College

X th (SSC) - 2006

Completed preliminary education with English, Hindi and Marathi as main languages

XII th (HSC) - 2008

Completed Higher Secondary education with vocational training in Computer Science

Bachelor of Engineering - 2012

Completed Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Computer Science) from University of Pune, India

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London, United-Kingdom
+44 734-003-1018